Striper Fishing April 3, 2019

I went out striper fishing with my friend Forbes. We were doing a little prefishing before the Purple Heart Anglers Striper event. I was showing Forbes some of the areas I fish and some of the techniques I use. He mainly striper fishes on the Napa River.

We started the day catching a just legal fish at 18 1/2 inches long. It took the lure fairly deep and was bleeding badly so we kept it. After about another 30 minutes and moving slightly to a different spot we got our second fish of the day another keep at just over 19 inches. It too, was hooked deep and we kept it also.

After continuing trolling the same area we got hit by a much larger fish. After a nice fight we netted this 8.8 pound striper. It had inhaled the lure. I don’t recall ever catching a striper that had taken the lure as far in as this fish. The trailing hook had gone through the fish’s gills. I had to remove the front hook from the split ring and then pull the lure through the fish’s gills. It bled too much and we were not able to revive it so it too was kept.


We were now down to trolling with only two rods. We landed and released another striper going about 22 inches. We then took a tour of some of the other areas I like to fish, including the Sacramento River which was slightly dirty from all the rain. We then returned to the productive area as the tide had turned and was now coming in. Soon after starting to troll a fish hit the inside pole that had been bouncing off the bottom. This fish fought very hard and we didn’t see it for the first few minutes of the fight. It made quite a few good runs until it finally tired out enough to come to the net. The fish was 10 1/2 pound and 31 inches long.

We were lucky to land this fish as the front hook came off of the lure. It was in the fish’s jaw and the split ring was gone from the hook and lure. The rear hook was hooked on the outside of the fish as they sometimes do when the fish turns and fights. The split ring must have got damaged when I removed it from the hook early in the day on the other fish. It took us a few minutes to revive the fish at the side of the boat, before it could be safely released.


Folsom Lake March 4, 2019

I had the pleasure of having Rich from GVF lures ( on my boat to test out some of his newer lures. We started the day by slow trolling with a combination of lures and worms. The only fish while slow trolling came on a Wee Draggin with a small piece of worm on the hook.


After an hour or so without another hit we started to troll fast pulling GVF Speedos. The next fish came soon after. It made a few jumps and after getting near the boat made a couple short runs before being netted.


The last fish of the day also was caught on a Speedo. This was the largest fish of the day coming in at just under 18 inches. Soon after being hooked it made a numerous of jumps.


Folsom Lake February 11, 2019

I took a friend and his grandson out for a quick run up to Folsom Lake. We started the day fast trolling lures without any luck. Soon after we changed one of the lures to a worm we had our first fish of the day, this 13 inch Rainbow Trout.


After changing out another lure for a worm we had our next fish on. After a short fight this nice 17 3/4 inch trout came to the net.

The third fish fought harder than the earlier trout and made a few jumps before we landed this 16 inch King Salmon.

We ended the day after catching one more 17 inch rainbow trout. All fish were caught in the top 20 feet of water.